About us :

Lily and Lace began with a mum of two , who had an appreciation for the finer things in life. My inspiration was my daughter Liyana. I could never find the right outfit that both she and I would be happy with. What was comfortable for her often lacked that prettiness and charm of little girls clothing.

So every opportunity that arose I found myself having outfits tailored for her specially and found out what fabrics and styles work for kids. After much trial and error we found the perfect combination.

Our first range was launched in 2016 and both kids and mums loved our pieces. The idea was for kids to be kids but also be comfortable and look pretty at the same time .

At Lily and Lace we love all things modern but also vintage at the same time. That’s when our cotton vintage pyjama range was launched. Flowy nighties that take you back to your childhood and making little girls feel like little ladies and princesses. Not forgetting our little men of course, we created someting special for them as well.

Recently we have added a baby element to our range. We have become an official stockist of Mixie baby bottles imported form the USA. Mixie baby is our new venture which we are excited to launch as its something we feel will make new parents lives much easier giving them more time for those precious moments. We are currently keeping up with trends in the kids and baby sector and are always adding innovative products to our range .

Hope you enjoy our brands as much as we do.

Lily and Lace is a bespoke kids and tween clothing store. Recently adding a baby element to our range.

We aim to bring you new and innovative products from around the world to make your role as a parent easier. With products like Mixie baby which is a revolutionary bottle that allows you to store your formula and water in the bottle without it being mixed until it’s needed. This is rather helpful with newborns especially during those grueling night feeds when baby just can’t wait . No more stumbling in the dark or using those mini torch lights to make a feed. All you do is fill up the bottles required with your amount of water in the bottle and add the formula needed in a separate compartment. Put the bottle together and it’s ready. When you need a feed all you doing is pressing a little button under the bottle and shake. There you have a feed ready in seconds .

We have found Mixie baby bottles also quite helpful with mums who have to return to work and leave the babies with either a caregiver or a daycare. This way there’s no confusion and mum can focus on work without having to worry about the baby.

We also sourcing many other innovative products worldwide to help our mums with older kids . Keep a look out of new and exciting products being added constantly.

Happy shopping from the lily and lace team!